GHR 1000

There are hundreds of different natural HGH products on the market today. Human growth hormone has been linked to dozens of positive benefits in your body, including reversing the signs of aging, creating larger muscles, improving sleep and more. But not all of these products are created equal, and while there are a variety of products that are acceptable, you want to use the best HGH booster available to deal with your HGH needs.

The best example of this is GHR 1000 and how it compares to Sytropin. GHR 1000 is an example of a product that has the right ideas, but the wrong execution to deal with your human growth hormone needs.

What is Wrong with GHR 1000?

GHR 1000 does not have a terrible formula. It uses valuable ingredients like Arginine that are known to boost HGH levels. The main problem with GHR 1000 is that it comes in capsule form. The nutrients in GHR 1000, however, are susceptible to breakdown. When the capsule reaches your stomach, your stomach acids break down a great deal of the formula, so only about 10% of it actually reaches your bloodstream.

With so little reaching your bloodstream, you are unlikely to get any of the benefits of the formula. That is why these capsules are not a very effective way to get the nutrients your body needs to create more HGH. Even when the formula is strong, the stomach acids breakdown far too many of the nutrients for you to get any benefits.

Sytropin, on the other hand, is an oral spray. With oral sprays, your tongue and gums manage to soak up the nutrients and put them directly into your blood stream, making it so that they work faster and more effectively.

Is That The Only Difference Between GHR 1000 and Sytropin?

There are other differences between the two products as well. These differences include:

  • Sytropin has additional ingredients, like herbal extracts, to help increase the effects of the HGH.
  • Sytropin costs roughly 60% of the price of GHR 1000.
  • Sytropin has a longer money back guarantee.

GHR 1000 and Sytropin have some similarities. But Sytropin is simply a more effective product. As an oral spray you get far more of the benefits, and Sytropin has a stronger formula, is less expensive, and offers a longer money back guarantee. If you are looking to improve your human growth hormone levels, you should go to today.

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