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Those that are looking for greater HGH levels may be tempted to try using a product that has actual human growth hormone in it. After all, the best way to get greater human growth hormone levels is to get more HGH in your body, right?

Well the truth is not quite so simple, and that is why products like Pro Blen HGH (which contain human growth hormone) are actually less effective than Sytropin.

What Makes Pro Blen Less Effective?

One thing that needs to be made clear is that 'pure HGH' or 'real HGH' is neither of those. Any human growth hormone is going to be created in lab, while actual 'real HGH' can only be created by your body. That is the most important thing to note, because it means products like Pro Blen are not actually made with entirely natural ingredients, because the only want to truly have natural HGH is by creating it yourself.

However, that is not the main reason that products like Pro Blen do not work. The other reason is that because the HGH is not created by your body, your body actually recognizes that it came from a different source. Because of that, rather than obtain greater HGH levels, your body simply creates less HGH on its own, balancing out the levels of the hormone in your body.

That means that products like Pro Blen are not providing you with an increase in your HGH levels. Rather, it is simply making it so that your body does not need to create as much HGH on its own. This will result in no changes in your body at all.

Sytropin, on the other hand, provides your body with pure messengers that actually increase your HGH levels significantly, by stimulating your body to create more HGH on its own. Sytropin provides you with messengers that tell your pituitary gland to produce excess HGH, so your body boosts HGH levels dramatically.

Is Pro Blen Worth Trying?

Pro Blen does try to be an effective way to improve your HGH levels, but it simply falls short. Sytropin is almost half the price and gives you more of the ingredients that are going to ensure your HGH levels are higher. Pro Blen may be tempting for a variety of reasons, but Sytropin is and always will be a considerably better choice. To learn more about Sytropin, visit

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